Friday, January 29, 2010

Telecom Rules!

Picture Near Space as the Shoreline of Outer Space.

Now consider how we treated the Shoreline of Earth’s Oceans before catching on that we had fouled our own nest.

Garbage was swept out of sight and out of mind by streams, rivers, tides and currents.

That was good enough, until our presence became overbearing and the stench caught up with us.

If we fail to wake up, and continue on this same path in Near Space, the consequences will not develop in a long stinky wake-up.

One day, Global Commerce will be interrupted, and the reality of ignoring Space Junk will hit us like a sledge hammer to the temple.

The reminder won’t be poop laden plastic diapers and hypodermic needles strewn along a beautiful beach.

It will be thousands of TelecomSats and their attendant debris ping-ponging through Near Space.


Even if we escape physical damage from blazing chunks of satellite ping-pong debris, the ensuing economic chaos will be catastrophic.

The only solution will be to hurriedly launch replacement satellites.

Guess what will happen then.

Things will go from ping-pong to chain reaction as more and more pieces of junk are hastily added to the already chaotic mix.

Uncertainty will halt trading, causing Global Money Markets to crash.


OK, that’s a little far-fetched, and certainly not an immediate issue.

Or, is it?

Telecom Rules!

The instant there is doubt about Telecom’s reliability in time of crisis, crisis will ensue.

I propose that the system is inherently unreliable, and immediate consideration should be given to pre-empting this potentially catastrophic Telecom Crisis.

Sunday, March 29, 2009



A twenty foot, Telecommunications Satellite version of this vehicle can be launched via the FALL INTO SPACE method.

Gaia Two is lifted by balloon to 150,000', and dropped.

Onboard gyros and moveable ballast will position the vehicle to drop bow forward, vertical stabilizer up, with the nose slightly above the horizon.

Gaia Two reaches terminal velocity, slicing downward to 80,000'.

Her hull is pulsing with energy, as the bow begins to rise.

The gyros are humming.

Ballast is at maximun tension point, holding the vehicle in Kinetic Stasis atop the rapidly building Thrust Cushion.

Just as Gaia Two begins to 'skip off' the ever denser atmosphere, a powerful rush of highly compressed air blasts from her tail nozzle.

Sustained thrust propels Gaia Two on a tangent away from Earth's center until she has reached Near Earth Orbit.

She will have fallen into space.

While in service, TelecomSat Gaia Two is solar powered...her curved surfaces are ideal for solar collection via photovoltaic mesh, while offering multiple Telecom targets in a surface array...cameras atop the vertical stabilizer will broadcast UNIVERSE RISING back to Earth 24/7

When time for upgrades comes along, TelecomSat Gaia Two simply re-orients and fires the compressed air for the trip home.

This time, as atmospheric pressures come into play, Gaia Two performs a series of skip-off maneuvers without firing the air.

She will rise, cool, stall, and drop again until conditions are right for traditional aerodynamics to come into play.

From there, it's a long swoop to the water, where the vehicle slices to a stop and floats upright.

NOTE RE CONSTRUCTION...Gaia Two as TelecomSat will be popped from a two part mold... all the onboard components are pre-positoned within the molded hull....her curvilinear form provides surface area for numerous foci...think Many Telecoms In One.

PURPOSE...that's simple...we've littered Space before we even got there...Gaia Two will clean things up...less space, the vehicle is BioFriendly...she dovetails nicely with the New Paradigm, and immediately fulfills the ol' Economic Imperative aspect...the need exists, and it's doable right now.

NOTIONAL a term being used in recent space developments...the popular meaning is evolving in real time...right now, it means taking a notion to spiral in, through all the confusion and debris, until the target/goal has been realized...any mention of spiralling in has always been a bad thing in it's the hot buzzword...things are changing rapidly in this realm...Gaia Two is an exponential leap forward...the debris field is behind in sight...let's take a Notional SpiralEvolution to clean up the mess.

TELECOMSAT SOLUTIONS...brought to you by SmythSpace...
"The News Before It Happens"...


Saturday, February 21, 2009


I like the image atop this page much better.
How about you?





The timing of recent news stories about Space Junk couldn't be better.

Now, when I propose Gaia Two as TelecomSat, you will have a frame of reference in corresponding real time.

There really is Human garbage littering near space.

We haven't even gotten there yet, and the place is a mess.

Imagine the Wagon Train scouts finding Mickey D's wrappers tangled in the sage brush.

Gaia Two is an immediate solution to an impending crisis.

We can break the React/Respond cycle, anticipate a major problem, and solve this one before it happens.

If the junk ever does start ping-ponging, Global Village 101 goes dark.

Most of the debris is remnants of launch gadgetry.

Blame it on The Rocketeers.

Every vehicle up there was launched via today's state of the art version of a 1940s V-2.

Can you say lack of vision?

This vehicle is self-launching.

There is no booster debris.

When in service, Gaia Two's smooth, curvilinear surface presents numerous focal points.

One vehicle will replace several individual satellites.

This means that all the $$$ being used to develop cheaper TelecomSat launches can now be redirected towards cleaner energy production.

And...make for less expensive internet services worldwide.

The real Key to Unification lies right here.

Communication via this gadget will get us through this mess.

Gaia Two Empowers Us All

Yes, person really can step up and make a difference!